The elections of 2021 in Armenia were far from being "free and fair, without inconsistencies in electoral numbers".
However, if we compare the elections of 2021 with the elections that took place after 1991 until 2018, they can probably be considered cleaner elections with fewer falsifications of voting processes. I have to note that it refers to the comparisons of numbers in elections.
The validity of these assertions can be verified by comparing the numbers of the elections in 2017, 2018, and 2021, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the website to conduct an analysis.

In the absence of common sense, holding better snap elections to form a parliament based on the votes for the head of state, the prime minister, and parliament, was difficult, because:
1. The inclination of the majority of voters to vote only for one person, not for parties.
2. When there are 25 political parties and party unions (with leaders who see only themselves as political leaders and prefer personal interests to national interests) who run for parliament, in a country with three million citizens.
By the way, in some cases, there was a misuse of administrative and financial resources and even the use of electoral bribes.
Can the elections be valued as democratic and are the results true, when candidates spent a big amount of time scolding, blaming each other for the war and defeat, instead of admitting their own mistakes?

The results of the elections
The prime minister got 71 mandates, the second president - 29, the team of the third president - 7 seats, 53.6%, 20.9%, 5.2% of the voters who took part in the voting. The remaining 20.3% of the votes were been lost, due to the meaninglessness of the law.

In the period in which the snap elections took place, the following should be taken into account:
1. The process of strengthening the system of corrupt governance practices in the country that was formed after the independence and the formation of unjust authorities through electoral fraud periodically.
2. Leaving the task of ensuring the security of the country only to another country, not really taking into account the approaches of the international community, and at the same time not actually bringing the country's defense system and military capabilities in line with modern requirements.
3. In my opinion, the reality was not perceived and even today is not perceived very simply and logically that any country is being guided by the interests of the head of that country, especially of an undemocratic country. Therefore, the head of an undemocratic country will take power through falsifications and force, if possible, and He will also try to resolve existing territorial disputes by force since the use of force by dictators has not yet disappeared from the life, and practice of using force against the people, may not disappear for a long time from the earth.
4. Coronavirus disease and very hard defeat in the 44-day war in 2020.
5. Administrative, financial-economic, and information unequal distribution, and sometimes usage against national interest by some candidates.
6. The situation is that Armenia is in a war, is a danger of a possible loss of independence and sovereignty, in a whirlpool of modern geopolitical transformations, and has very limited opportunities to make independent decisions and implement them.

At present, it is important that Armenia will not lose its formal independence and the possibility of maintaining more or less possible sovereignty under the external influence or illegal activities of some persons and parties, those trying to oppress the public and get power at any cost, including by organizing and implementing of terrorism in Armenia, sometimes with false patriotic motives.

I hope that Armenia will not completely lose its independence, sovereignty, and the opportunity to become a civilized country.
I hope that intelligent young politicians endowed with high human qualities will be formed the elite, who will not mislead the people with illusory perceptions, whose activities, through non-standard solutions to the problems, will enable the unite people of Armenia and the Armenians all over the word:
1. 1. To ensure the secure existence of independent Armenia, as well as the populated Armenians' existence of Artsakh, as a state unit, and to resolve the issue of its recognition by the international community.
2. Next, introduce a system of public uncorrupted administration that meets the high civilizational demands of justice and dignity.

I think that ultimately, the constitution and legislation must be regulated in such a way that voters in the new elections will have the right to elect and change both the head of state and each member of the legislature directly.
Moreover, it is necessary, to establish an electoral system that provides an opportunity to reveal the true opinion of voters about both the political unit and the candidates, so that in the future dishonest persons and their groups will be permanently excluded from significant political influence in Armenia.

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